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First Time Patients - Complete This Form To Minimize Wait Time And Improve Patient Care.  
Return patients only need to do this if you are here for a new problem.  If you are only sending updated insurance you can use the other button on our website.

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You can bring a hard copy on the day of the visit but we do not take electronic copies or pictures of insurance on check in.

Please Read The Clinic Policies Carefully:
The clinic has a same day no show, or same day cancellation, fee of 35$ and being 15 minutes late means you will not be seen and you are counted as a no show.  Any rescheduling or changes made without advance norice 1 business day before - by 2pm - will count as a no show for your original spot and has a 35$ fee.  This includes last minute changes made via our online system.  (Please Type: I Agree)

I understand the clinic does not accept insurance cards marked with Medicaid, Molina,  "Select" plans, Navigation, Community, Memorial Hermann, Star plans, or HMO* plans. *Referal required before scheduling any HMO.  Please look at your card carefully in advance as these are written on the insurance card itself.  (Please Type: I Agree).  
The clinic requires Mastercard or Visa for any payments and does not accept cash or American Express. FLEX or HSA are accepted for medical visits, but not for cosmetics, per federal rules. (Please Type: I Agree)
The clinic requires a physical hard copy of your insurance card. We can not accept insurance card pictures on smart phones unless they are uploaded front/back 1 business day in advance and via our website.  Please do it in advance, if you do not have a hard copy. (Please Type: I Agree)
If you are insured, your co-pay can cover your basic medical visit completely.  However, IF

1) Your visit involves a procedure and/or is more than a basic consultation and prescription OR,
2) You have any medical procedure, freezing, or biopsy done during the visit OR
3) You have an insurance plan that requires a deducitble be met before insurance kicks in THEN

Please note, like most dermatology clinics dealing with complex insurance, we will file insurance after the visit.  While we await insurance's written response, only a partial payment is collected during the visit date.  Please watch for mailings from your insurance with details on final coverage as they may decide more of the bill is the patient's responsiblity(Insurance takes weeks to decide & finalize). This may mean you could get a bill from the clinic and a seperate bill from the lab.  In some cases, you may get a refund from the clinic.  (Please Type: I Agree)

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Top 4 FAQ

1 - Does the clinic treat Hair Loss or Alopecia?

Sorry, no we do not do transplants, but we do prescribe the male hair loss pill - Propecia/Finasteride.  We also do treat and manage scalp skin conditions, scalp dermatitis, and scalp inflammation. 

2 - Does the clinic treat Keloids?

Sorry, we do not treat keloids.

3 - Does the clinic prescribe Accutane/Isotretinoin or Biologics like Enbrel or treat Urticaria and Hives?

Sorry, we do not.

We treat almost all skin related conditions, however we do not treat the above

4 - If I need to cancel, how do I avoid a no show or last minute cancellation fee?

We would need to hear from you 1 business day in advance by 2pm.  Please find more details here.

5 Our full HIPAA and clinic policy form is located at the bottom of our main website page, and is available upon request.  

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