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Do you have secondary insurance?


Your signature below authorizes us to release information and receive payment from your insurance company for those services received from the physician and the assisting physician.

This Authorization Remains in Effect Unless Revoked by me in Writing:

  1. I hereby authorize EYE CONSULTANTS OF ATLANTA, PC, hereinafter referred to as “ECA”, to provide information concerning any treatment rendered to me, or to any member of my family, to: a) my insurance carrier(s); b) any physician who referred me to “ECA”; and c) any medical practitioner “ECA” physicians may refer me (them) to for further medical or therapy treatment.
  2. I authorize the release of any medical information, including confidential information related to psychiatric care, drug, and alcohol abuse, and HIV / AIDS treatments, necessary to process insurance claims or required for utilization review or quality assurance activities.
  3. I further authorize “ECA” to utilize any modern form of transferring this documentation – including, but not limited to, the US Mail, Federal Express, telefacimilie (faxes), couriers or other similar methods – to its requested destination.
  4. I hereby assign to “ECA” all applicable payments to be received from my insurance carrier(s) for medical services rendered. I further authorize the transfer of funds, for credit balances on my accounts, between “ECA” and Piedmont Eye, LLC, for any and all outstanding account balances that may reside in either entity, and I understand that any remaining credit balance shall be refunded directly to me.
  5. I hereby agree that I am personally responsible for ensuring that all charges for services rendered are paid by either myself or my insurance carrier(s).

Patient's Signature (Parent or Guardian, if minor)




We are committed to meeting your health care needs. Our goal is to keep your insurance or other financial arrangements as simple as possible. In order to accomplish this in a cost-effective manner, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1.   You are ultimately responsible for payment of charges for services you receive from our office. Refractions (the part of the examination to test your vision for glasses) and routine eye examinations usually are not covered services on medical insurance plans. Therefore, payment is expected at the time of service.
  2.   It is your responsibility to provide us with your current address, telephone number, email address and insurance information at each visit.
  3.   It is your responsibility to contact your insurance carrier to confirm that the doctor you are seeing is a participant of your plan.
    If you see a doctor that is not currently on your plan, you will be responsible for payment in full.
  4.   All co-payments are due at the time of service. Up to a $75 service fee will be charged for failure to pay the co-payment at the time of service.
  5.   If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment and do not call us to cancel or reschedule the appointment, there will be a $50 charge. We must receive notification of this change no later than 24 hours from the scheduled appointment.
  6.   Medicare Recipients: We are a participating Medicare practice and thus, will file your Medicare claim. If you have supplemental coverage, we will also file only one supplemental plan. During the month of January, it is our policy to collect in full your Medicare deductible and the 20% co-payment at the time of service. This holds true regardless of the availability of supplemental coverage or payment of your deductible to non-ECA physicians or providers.
  7.   If you are experiencing personal circumstances that will make payment of our charges difficult for you, please contact one of our Patient Account Representatives at 404-351- 2220.
  8.   Medicare does not cover the refraction (the part of the examination to test your vision for glasses). Therefore, the fee of $53 is your responsibility in addition to the 20% co-payment.
  9.   We will mail you a monthly statement for any outstanding balances. If the claim has not been paid by our insurance carrier within 30 days of the date of service, please contact your carrier and assist us in getting your claim paid.
  I acknowledge that I understand and accept this financial policy.

(For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).


The REFRACTION is the part of an eye examination to determine the prescription for corrective lenses. Without the refraction, we cannot provide a prescription for corrective lenses.


Historically, most insurance plans do not pay for this portion of an examination. If your plan does not pay for glasses or contact lenses, they most likely will not pay for the refraction. We do not include this procedure in our routine examination charge.


You may elect not to have the refraction done in this office, however we will not be able to provide a prescription for glasses without it.


If you do have a refraction done in our office, there will be a $53.00 charge at the time of service, in addition to any co-payment or other non-covered fees. We will provide you with a receipt that you may file with your insurance company for reimbursement if your insurance plan considers this a covered expense.


We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Refraction is a very important part of an examination if you require corrective lenses. We truly wish that all insurance plans considered this a covered expense.

Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgment
Patient Acknowledgment Form

Our notice of Privacy Practices provides information about how we may use and disclose protected health information about you. You have the right to review our notice before signing this consent. As provided in our notice, the terms of our notice may change. If we change our notice, you may obtain a revised copy by contacting Rick Rodecker, Ph.D., FACMPE at 404-351-2220, Ext. 1270


You have the right to request that we restrict how protected health insurance about you is used or disclosed for treatment, payment or health care operations. We are not required to agree to this restriction, but if we do, we are bound by our agreement.


By signing this form, you consent to our use and disclosure of protected health information about you for treatment, payment and health care operations. You have the right to revoke this consent in writing, except where we have already made disclosures in reliance on your prior consent.


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Requests for Confidential Communication of Protected Health Information:

I, request that Eye Consultants of Atlanta, P.C. communicate with me, or the designated individual(s) identified below, concerning my medical information by the following method:

Designated Person(s):

Alternate communication method example: Answering machine, pager, e-mail and anyone who accompanies me in the exam room.

Person authorized to sign for Patient:

Relationship to Patient:

This authorization should remain valid until: or until the expiration of one year from the date herein, whichever occurs first. I understand I have the right to revoke this authorization at any time.