Glacier County Integrated Mobile Health - Community Health Survey

How would you rate the overall health of Glacier County?

How would you rate your overall health?

Have you ever been diagnosed with a chronic illness?

Do you have a licensed primary healthcare provider that you have seen within the last year?

How many times in last 6 months have you visited the Emergency Room?

Where do you receive majority of your medical care?

Do you or someone you know receive any type of home healthcare?

Do you feel like you or someone you know has “barriers” preventing them from being able to access healthcare?

What do you feel is the biggest health concern in Glacier County?

How would you rate your knowledge of available health services?

What class/educational program do you think would increase the overall health of the community?

What is your age?

Employment status

What is your ethnicity?

Do you have insurance?

Who do you have insurance with?