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Keystone does not require payment for use of training room, but does request that organizations using the room make a donation to defray our costs. Keystone's cost to operate the training room is $160 per full day. Please indicate amount of any donation below and address where Keystone can acknowledge the donation.


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Note that a kitchen with refrigerator and icemaker is provided. Please plan to provide any coffee / paper products / utensils.



Please note: Keystone does not provide tablecloths. Alcohol is never permitted.

Check room style and preferred set-up.

 Board Room (up to 20 chairs and long oval table)                     U - Shape (up to 22 chairs)

     Number of chairs:                                               
Number of chairs:


 Audience Style ( up to 63 chairs)                                                   Education Room (up to 35 chairs with tables)

     Number of rows (up to 7):                                  
Number of rows (up to 5):

       Chairs per row (up to 9):                                                   Chairs per row (up to 7:

Keystone's training room is equiped with a media panel and internet connection. To ensure campatability with our system, we require content to be emailed 2 working days before the day of the event to Please indicate below, contact and email address from person in your organization who will send files. Please include "TRAINING ROOM" in the subject in any emails to Keystone.

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Please note completion of this form does not guarantee a room reservation. Please allow 48 business hours to review your request. A Keystone representative will confirm availability.

Please consider making a donation to Keystone to assist with cost before the date of event. Thank you.