The Therapist Observer program is open to clinicians and qualified clergy with training in pastoral counseling. All licensed clinicians are eligible to participate. If you aren't a licensed clinician or PSAP (Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional), please call the office before registering. You must observe an individual workshop before you can observe a couples’ workshop. Currently, observers are not permitted at the teens & parents workshop.

When your registration and payment are submitted, you’ll receive a payment confirmation email. Within one business day, you’ll get a separate email from the Bethesda Workshops team with further information and instructions about the workshop paperwork.

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Payment Options
$300 is the minimum required payment.

Non-refundable Deposit
By typing my initials, I understand that $300 of what I will pay is a non-refundable deposit that cannot be counted as a donation for tax purposes. If I cannot attend the workshop, I understand that my deposit may be transferred to one of the next two scheduled workshops (a change fee may apply). If Bethesda Workshops determines that I am not an appropriate candidate for the workshop setting, my deposit will be refunded.:  
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